Färg Singelbild

Här presenterar vi vinnarna i kategorin Färg Singelbild 2022.
Domaren, Polly Rusyn, ger sin motivering till valet.

Första pris - Chris Harrison

I love the mood and feeling of this photograph. The warm yellow, orange, and red hues are beautifully framed by the cool blue of the twilight sky and show perfectly how warm colours visually come forward while cold colours recede. There’s something intimate about the moment. It seems wrong to hide the beauty of the carousel behind an old and stained tarpaulin. And you can really feel the end of a long, noisy, and busy day in this quiet picture…

-Polly Rusyn

Andra pris - Brad Jones

There’s wonderful chaos in this image that captures the dynamism of any activity that involves children and bubbles! The primary colours, along with the notes of magenta, tie everything together, and create triangles all over the place, helping to organise the chaos. My eye circles around the reds and magentas, stopping at the yellows, blues, and greens along the way. I love the layers too and how so many elements are balanced so well together in what could easily be a messy frame.

-Polly Rusyn

Tredje pris - Anna Lisa Lohmann

This gives me a false sense of warmth from the dominant warm colours on what is probably a cold as well as a rainy night! Likewise, the people in the photograph seem as unaware of one another as they are of the beauty of their surroundings. Or at least how beautiful the scene has been made to appear by the photographer, who has caught the light in the raindrops and has chosen subjects whose clothing colour links them to the colours in the background.

-Polly Rusyn

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