Färg Singelbild

Här presenterar vi vinnarna i kategorin Färg Singelbild 2023.
Domaren, Matt Stuart, ger sin motivering till valet.

Första pris - Johan Jehlbo, Color

Over the last few years I have judged a good few street photography competitions. You begin to see patterns in the entries. People who enter the same work into every competition, people who make photographs of people walking past posters, people photographing people whose head is covered by something, photographs at golden hour etc. The winning photo I thought was bold, impactful and different to a lot of photographs I judge. To me this picture had a different perspective and acted as a portal into another dimension, it felt fresh and different.

Andra pris - Jonas Dahlström, Color

The second place photo, was the epitome of deadpan in photography. The framing of the car elevated onto the slab in perfect place, the man praying to his half slaughtered lamb… the feel to the picture was somewhat sad, but also a little comic. A tragicomedy, with biblical overtones.

Tredje pris - Eric Davidove, Color

The third prize picture looks like it is straight out of the Kama Sutra! but a little chilly and with coats on. I like how clean the composition is and how sexy but not sexy the photo is. We’ve all been this exhausted. I really felt it, the colours work a treat too.

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