Kollektion 5-7 bilder

Här presenterar vi vinnarna i kategorin Kollektion 2023.
Domaren i klassen berättar om sitt arbete och hur processen kändes.

Första pris - Anna Biret, Collection Women in Kyrgyzstan

To be honest, during the judging process, I have put the #2 and 3 and even some of the other nominated as my personal favorite. But in the end, I kept coming back to this series… Individually the images are strong, very pleasantly balanced in composition and color. Beautifully crafted photographs, using layering in wonderful ways. But the real power again is in the combination of images. As a whole, this collection just works and there is a pleasant rhythm which makes viewing this collection a wonderful experience: The first image welcomes you with eye contact with a woman that pulls you into a faraway world, the next image blows you away with warm colors and an incredible balanced and multi-layered composition that reminded me of Indian photographer Raghubar Sing, next are 2 images that use reflection, the same warm colors and different layers presenting details and mood rather than an overview, then you get pulled back to reality and you are presented with young girls covering their eyes as a counter-balance to the eye contact of the elder woman in the beginning, and the collection is concluded with a woman that makes eye contact, just like the beginning, but this time the feeling is more of hope. It is a positive ending of a series that is offering a tremendous depth. But this is me, trying to put into words what is of course best judged by viewing this collection yourself. So let’s show the incredible winner!
An amazing piece of art…

Andra pris - Francesca Chiacchio, Collection Napolism

This series spoke to me immediately as I saw its opening image with its’ bright saturated colors and drew me into the next and the next…. Maybe it was partly because I immediately felt familiar with the style which resembles in a way my own way of shooting. But then it was not only the single images that gripped me; it was also the combination of them, the sequencing, the balance they create together. They get stuck in your head and take you on a Mediterranean culture trip. They make you feel the passion of the people and make you appreciate the daily rituals you are witnessing. The strong feeling it evoked, made me put it on #2.

Tredje pris - Enamul Kabir, Collection Coexistence

This series took me back to my trips to South-East Asia. Countries like Myanmar, Sril Lanka, India, where I got hooked on street photography. I witnessed there that here people and animals seem to be much more equal than in western countries. Especially in street life where they truly share the public environment. This sometimes creates wonderful photo-opportunities that I also chased.
I think the photographer did an excellent job showing this co-existence in a typical street photography style: Candid images with wonderful and surprising, sometimes humorous compositions.

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