Kollektion 5-7 bilder

Här presenterar vi vinnarna i kategorin Kollektion 2021.
Domaren i klassen berättar om sitt arbete och hur processen kändes.

Första pris - Niklas Lindskog, Collection We are all animals

With a very good sense of spontaneous moments and humor, the photographer has captured the parallel street life between humans and animals. There is a clear theme but without repetition. A well-crafted collection that maintains a high level throughout.

– Roger Turesson

Andra pris - Johan Jehlbo, Collection Knalleland

With confrontation and boldness as a way of working paired with an aesthetic look, the photographer delivers an innovative collection. The result is a collection of fantastic photos that could not be taken by a photographer who wants to be invisible.

– Roger Turesson

Tredje pris - Per Friberg, Collection Berlin Underground

With a rich aesthetic, the photographer shows people in the world of the street. Strong looks meet the eyes of the viewer. The sequence of pictures is dynamic and cohesive. The images have a feeling of fleeting snapshots but are at the same time well-composed.

– Roger Turesson

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