Under 30 Singelbild

Här presenterar vi vinnarna i kategorin Under 30 år Singelbild 2023. Domaren i klassen berättar om sitt arbete och hur processen kändes.

Första pris - Alessandro di Cerbo Mattei, U30

In this black and white photograph, the emotions on both the man and the horse are vividly portrayed. The interplay of light and contrasts enhances the depth of their expressions. Also the dynamic movement of the horse adds an element of energy to the scene. The composition is skillfully executed, making it a compelling and powerful image.

Andra pris - Simon Johannesson, U30

The emotions captured in this photograph radiates love, trust, and happiness. And the expression on the man hugging the woman speaks volumes – his gentle smile and closed eyes convey deep affection and comfort. The composition is also well-balanced, with the couple at the center, framed by their surroundings. It draws the viewer’s eye to the loving embrace and the genuine connection between the two individuals.

Tredje pris - Joaquín Pastor Genzor, U30

This photograph is a visual delight. It skillfully combines warm colors, thoughtful composition with guiding lines, and compelling focal points — the person and the building, both beautifully mirrored in the water. It captures the artistry of the moment and invites viewers to appreciate the beauty of the scene.

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