Collection 5-7 pictures

Here are all the winners in the Collection 2022 category. The judge in the class speaks gives his motivation.

First prize - Amir Nazari, Collection Street Beach

Beautiful pictures filled with dynamism and joie de vivre! The photographer succeeds very well in capturing situations with a lot of movement in combination with stylish compositions!

-Niklas Lindskog

Second prize - Ora Buerkli, Collection Gestures

Näst efter ansiktet är väl våra händer den mest uttrycksfulla delen av oss människor? Detta visar fotografen väl i denna kollektion, som är spännande i sin variation, men ändå sammanhållen.

-Niklas Lindskog

Third prize - Martin Johansson, Collection Cairo

Through images with warm colors, the photographer tells about people in the Arab world’s largest city, Cairo. Stories that often, by not showing everything, leave room for the viewer’s imagination.

-Niklas Lindskog

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