Single Color

Here we present all the winners in the Single Color category.

First prize - Håkan Rönnblad Color

The human intensity in this picture immediately struck and moved me. Mother and child set against a wall and framed by an opening in the door encapsulate the essence of street photography for me – deeply humanistic, a gateway opening up between the subjects on the one hand and the photographer and thus viewer on the other hand. The direct eye contact with the child creates a seizing connection between both sides of the lens. The little hand feels like an invitation to reach out to it and hold it. The mother’s attention is turned towards the street, raising interest in what lies outside the frame. On the technical side, the razorsharp focus and vibrant colors and lively patterns contrasting with the dark wooden door are remarkable.

– Annette Lang

Second prize - Adrian Whear, Color

This mindboggling street shot immediately drew me into the picture. The lady’s lush lips seem to be floating in the sky, hoovering over the reflection of the skyline to form a celebration of role of urban elements in street photography. The human element is a couple strolling past. Though the face is totally invisible, the orientation of the hat suggests the gentleman is looking at the camera. The smear in the bottom right corner gives away that the composition revolves around reflections in a windowpane. Rather than being the stage against which a scene is set, the street itself plays a center stage role in the photo, with the silhouette adding the human elements nearly disappearing in the overall scale.

– Annette Lang

Third prize - Gert Frost, Color

This picture is an invitation to consider street photography beyond the limits of an urban environment. The scene is both lively with the child skating past and soothing thanks to synesthesia. It visually suggests silence through the subdued wintery tones and uncluttered frame, with only the scratching sound of the skates on ice. The sledges and shoes in the foreground make the picture resonate beyond the captured split second, telling the tale of the skaters coming to and leaving the scene. From the compositional point of view, the frame is perfectly balanced, with one of the sledges placed in the center, the two skaters going into opposite directions and the shape of the lake adding rounded lines. The streetlamps add a contrasting vertical component and a warmer note with the light and its reflection.

– Annette Lang

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