Single black and white

Here we will present all the winners in the Single Black and White category.

First prize - Patrick Heinscher, Bnw

A person crossing a street full of car tracks. Finding this very frugal expression looks easy, but experience tells us that it is one of the most difficult ones. Not only is this image graphically beautiful. It also says something about cars that have been in a hurry, and a lonely person who chooses his own pace. The motif is carefully selected. The photographer has patiently waited for what puts the finishing touch. Notice the transverse stripes and the thin light gray lines at the bottom of the image. Perfect! How nice!. An image to be inspired by. A big congratulations to the photographer!

– Tore Hagman

Second prize - Cathy Loughran, Bnw

Two girls dressed as little princesses, or on their way to a playful double wedding. The imagination is set in motion. I look at the environment, which reveals that this picture was also taken in a poor, perhaps war-torn part of the world. But even there, life must continue, playing, that which brings joy into life. I can look at this picture for a long time. Wonder and marvel. It is so nicely composed with the girls who are on their way out of the picture, which underlines the question: where are they going? The picture on the wall in the top left corner, surfaces of corrugated tin-plates, brick walls, windows, and the two dogs build a whole, a scene. I can not tear myself away from this picture. It raises soooo many questions.

– Tore Hagman

Third prize - Håkan Rönnblad, Bnw

A picture of a boy running along a street, somewhere in a poorer part of the world. This picture touches me strongly. It is beautiful and full of joy. It also has a strong symbolic value. I would like to have it on the wall. Not least to remind myself as often as possible of how incredibly lucky I am. The photographic quality includes concentration. The viewer does not have to look for focus. The gaze meets the boy’s face on the spot. The jump, the arms crossed and the kite on the way up. Wonderful!

– Tore Hagman

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