To take pictures makes me feel good

Interview with Andreas Jörgensen

Andreas – Who are you?
My name is Andreas Jörgensen, I’m born in Sweden, but have my family roots in Denmark.

How and why did you start with street photography?
During my second year of high school, I chose photography as an extra class. That’s when my interest was born. A few years later I attended a documentary photo course in Swedish Småland. That’s when street photography became part of my every day.

Why do you take pictures?
It a must. It makes me feel good.

What is your main driving force?
To constantly try to get better pictures

Your biggest challenge?
To be satisfied with a picture. To be able to look back on it and say “This was damn good!”

Your best photography memory?
The old man sitting on a bench inside the ‘Fältöversten’ shopping centre in Stockholm. Everything was perfect! The light, the atmosphere, yes, everything. The year was 2007.

How would you describe your photography style?
Quite minimal. With the light and shadows stage centre. For me, it is important to try to keep the people in the picture anonymous. Integrity.

Do you have any preferred equipment?
It has always been Canon. Today a 5D MkIV, using a 24-70 zoom lens.

Do you have a favorite city and why?
Must say Stockholm, because this is where I have walked the streets for so many years. All seasons, with changing lights. Old town, Kungsholmen and Söder. Stockholm is a fantastic city to take pictures in.

What are your hopes for the rest of this year?
To take a lot of magic pictures.

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