Svartvitt Singelbild

Här presenterar vi vinnare i kategorin Svartvitt Singelbild 2023.
Domaren i klassen berättar om sitt arbete och hur processen kändes.

Första pris - Tonje Sivertsen, Bnw

The greatest achievement photography can make in my opinion is to give a sense of mystery. It is when a photography make you think in ways you can’t completely explain in words, that it fully becomes an own language. I have  really tried to explain in words why this photo moves me in the way it does, but my words simply don’t give it justice. So all I will say is that this is a remarkable photo with an unexplainable story that continues far beyond the edges of its frames. 

Andra pris - Zoltan Bisak, Bnw

This is the most emotional photo of all the submissions I looked through. It’s really impressive how the photographer captures so much feelings in such a minimalistic image. The way the fog separates the dog from the person brilliantly adds a feeling of longing and melancholy. There is also a very timeless feel to this photo, it could be a old classic photo from a legendary Magnum photographer. It really is at that high level.

Tredje pris - Asger Korsgaard, Bnw

I will first state the obvious, the timing in this shot is impeccable. But this photo is more than just an eye-catching effect. It really has a powerful feeling that stays with me after seeing it. It is communicating search and adventure, at the same time as stillness and contemplation. 

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