Svartvitt Singelbild

Här presenterar vi vinnare i kategorin Svartvitt Singelbild 2021.
Domaren i klassen berättar om sitt arbete och hur processen kändes.

Första pris - Kerstin Parker

I fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it. Some love affairs are brief and some are lasting. This one is lasting.
It reminds me of a lucid dream where I can feel the smell of the snow and the frostbites on my cheeks, and I do not want to wake up.
It is perfectly imperfect with the bright snow and the long shutter speed and it has a presence that speaks to me. It
inspires me to want go out and shoot, what more could you ask for in a photograph?!

-Malin Jochumsen

Andra pris - Rikard Landberg

Truth to be told, this one was only among my top 10 picks to begin with, but it has grown on me, a lot. It has a beautiful composition, great tones, it is perfectly timed and it has a subtle elegance that I am sure only will make it more beautiful with time. I love that it is so timeless. It is even hard to place geographically which leaves more space to the imagination, something I really appreciate. If this was a movie, it would be a French movie, not American, and I am sucker for French movies.

-Malin Jochumsen

Tredje pris - Lars Holmen

The boy’s eyes make me come back to this photo over and over again. It is well composed, there is plenty to take in in the frame, apart from the boy. I really like the edit of this photo with the strong contrast and the darker areas that are so dark that they help your eyes wander back to the boy, but not so dark that they lack substance and information which is what holds this story together and makes you want to come back to it.

-Malin Jochumsen

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