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Göteborgs Gatufotoförening (Gothenburg Street Photo Association) aims to support and develop Swedish street photography. Our main platform is Gothenburg Street Photo Festival. By becoming a member you support this important work, at the same time as you receive a number of benefits.

The association organizes well-planned photo walks in Gothenburg. We invite members to interesting workshops and lectures in street photography. In addition photo trips will be arranged, primarily in Europe. To take part in this, a membership in the association is needed.

You get all this for SEK 300 per year.

How to pay your membership fee for 2023/2024.

If you want to become a member of Gothenburg Street Photography Association, take part of the benefits and support our idea of strengthening Swedish street photography, pay the membership fee of SEK 300. You can easily pay with Swish either with the QR code or the Swish number (valid only if you have a Swedish telephone number). You can also use the bank giro, or for international payments IBAN.
Don’t forget to write your name in the message field so that we can add you to our member register. You will receive confirmation by email.



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