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The pass is valid for both days of the festival, from Friday afternoon until we go home on Saturday Night. It gives you access to all lectures and exhibitions. The restaurant will be open for the whole duration of the festival, so there will be no need to leave the premises to eat and drink.


SEK 950

Buy your festival pass already today. It will be an investment to carry with you. We are looking forward to see you!

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These two days of September will not only offer lectures of top street photographers, national as well as international. Ok, many of you will probably come for just that. But Gothenburg Street Photography Festival will be filled with so much more. Just imagine the feeling of living, talking, and breathing street photography with others that share the same interest!

Two days filled
with inspiration

Gothenburg Street Photography Festival is Scandinavia’s first and only festival within the genre. We have worked hard to be able to immerse you in inspiration. We turn to you who have not done this for very long, as well as to you who have lots of experience. There will be something for everyone. It is an event to look forward to, to be part of, and last but not least, to talk about afterwards. Our goal is for you to already now look forward to next year’s festival.

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