The team and the thoughts behind the festival

In the fall of 2020 we were a group sitting at a pub on the Långgatorna in Gothenburg. The conversation circled around how to further develop the genre of street photography . How could we increase the knowledge, and get more people interested in photography to join this amazing community? And last but not least how to attract younger people.
Said and done, there and then we decided to start Scandinavia’s first street photography festival. This kind of festival is found all over the world, but here it has not yet been established.

“How would we go about to increase the knowledge and and get more people interested in photography to join this amazing community?”

In order to do this properly we needed to start a non-profit association. This is a big undertaking which calls for a financial plan, a legal framework, a great deal of passion and other resources. This is why we founded Gothenburg Street Photo Association.

The board consists of Jari Kokko, chairman, Eva Boije af Gennäs, treasurer, Anna Lithander, Claes Hillén and Mats Alfredsson, board members.

Parallel to this we have created a brand identity manual for the festival, including name and logo protected by the PRV, the Swedish Intellectual Property Office.

Being a member brings lots of benefits.
The main event of the association will be the yearly street photography festival, but members will be offered a series of happenings and events such as workshops, lectures and street photography trips.
Our hope is that anyone who in any way has an interest for street photography will want to join. So here we go!

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