The team behind Gothenburg Street Photo Association.

To have a stable foundation, we have formed a non-profit association. This is a big investment that requires finances, a proper set of rules, lots of passion and other resources. That is why we founded Göteborgs Gatufotoförening. Today, almost a year later, we are over 160 members!

The board consists of Mats Alfredsson, chairman, Eva Boije Af Gennäs, treasurer, Anna Lithander, Claes Hillén and Tobias Gustavsson, members, and Gisela Wargklev, deputy member. Photo © Johan Jehlbo

Parallel to this, we produced a Brand Identity manual for the festival, including name and a logo that are protected at PRV.

Being a member brings lots of benefits.
The association’s main event is the annual public street photo festival, but we also offer members a number of other happenings and events. Everything from workshops to lectures and street photography trips.

Become a member of Gothenburg Street Photography Association and take part of the benefits.

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