Rules for Gothenburg Street Photo Festival contest
The contest is open to participants over 16 years of age from all the world.

Entries should not have previously been shown at any street photography festival

Entry fees are not refundable.

You can only enter with pictures that you have take and of which you own the copyright.

Gothenburg Street Photo Festival has the right to use the pictures for marketing purposes in connection with Gothenburg Street Photo Festival and its contests on the website, in social media and in printed matter.

Gothenburg Street Photo Festival does not own the right to sell or use entries in any other cases than the above mentioned.

About the pictures
Entries must have a street photography theme and must be taken in a public space.

The pictures may not have been arranged.

No pictures with defamatory, sexually explicit or abusive content will be accepted.

Editing and cropping pictures is allowed, but not to add or take away objects through cloning.

The pictures may not contain watermarks or signatures.

The pictures may not have any type of frame.

The pictures must be in JPG format.

The pictures should be 1080pixels high (on standing side) and not exceed 8Mb.

Should your entry be nominated you will be asked to provide a high resolution copy.

The pictures do not need to be recent.

Further information
The entries will be anonymously judged by a jury in each category

Nominated entries will be announced on the homepage approximately two weeks ahead of the festival. Nominees will also be informed by email.

Nominated pictures will be printed and exhibited as part of the festival exhibition.

The winners will be announced during the festival on Saturday 18th of September.

Way to pay
Payment options
Payment for contest entries and membership fees can be made through Swish, bank giro or for international payments use IBAN.
See respective section on the website.
Tickets for the festival are bought through Tickster, just click on the link “Buy festival pass”.

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