Under 30

Here are all the winners in the Single Up to 29 category 2021. The judge in the class speaks about their process and the winner selection.

First prize - Simon Johannesson

The picture offers a big question mark with a slightly absurd and humorous undertone – something that the picture has in common with many of the world’s best street pictures.

-Magnus Fröderberg

Second prize - David Kouakou

The photographer has skilfully used flash and cropping to show what he sees, but without revealing too much. The picture is nice and sassy, and leaves something for the viewer to think about.

-Magnus Fröderberg

Third prize - Isak Gudnason

Far too few pictures are taken during the winter. By using flash, the photographer enhances the winter feeling. The picture is somewhat reminiscent of Lars Tunbjörk’s photo project Winter, where he also used flash.

-Magnus Fröderberg

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