How to enter the contest, step by step.

  • 1 Choose which category you wish to enter.
  • 2 Create your personal GSPF account or log in to an existing account. Important! Label the images according to the instructions. Start uploading images.
  • 3 Pay the registration fee with Paypal, Swish, or Bankgiro. Once you have paid, you are participating in the competition.

Below, upload your pictures.
Begin by Creating an account.
Or Log in to an existing account.

PLEASE NOTE: The file name should be written as follows: last name-mobile phone number-image number-category.jpg. Replace å, ä, ö with a, a, o. In collection, mark as follows: last name-phone number-collection-collection name-image number.jpg. JPEG format, 821 pixels on the vertical/standing side, max 4MB. Do not mix categories in the same upload. Read the rules!


    One picture - SEK 50

    Three pictures - SEK 140

    Six pictures - SEK 250

    Collection - SEK 250


      The competition is open to participants over 16 years old from all over the world.

      Entries must not have been exhibited in any street photography festival before.

      Registration fees are non-refundable.

      You may only participate with images that you have photographed yourself and own the copyright of.

      Gothenburg Street Photo Festival has the right to use the images for promotion of the festival and its competitions on the website, on all social media platforms, as well as in printed materials.

      Gothenburg Street Photo Festival does not have the right to sell or use competition entries in contexts other than those mentioned above.

      The Images

      Entries must have a street photography theme and be taken in public spaces. This means images from streets, squares, buses, trams, pubs, etc. The images should contain people or clear traces of human presence. There are no time horizon requirements.

      Images must not be staged and/or taken of people you know.

      Images with offensive or defamatory content or that are sexually explicit will not be accepted.

      Image processing and cropping are allowed. However, adding or removing elements from the image through cloning is not allowed.

      Images must not be watermarked or signed.

      Images must not have any form of border.

      Images should be in .jpeg format.

      If your image is nominated, you will be asked to submit a high-resolution copy of the image.


      The file name should be written as follows:
      last name-mobile phone number-image number-category.jpg.

      Replace å, ä, ö with a, a, o.

      In series, mark as follows: last name-phone number-series-series name-image number.jpg.


    The pictures should be 821 pixels high (on the standing/vertical side) and not larger than 4Mb.


    By entering the contest you acknowledge that the pictures can be used by GSPF for marketing purposes and in connection with upcoming contests, both in printed and digital form.

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