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Single Color


In this category you may enter one to six color pictures, the choice is yours. They can be totally disconnected from each other. A prerequisite is of course that it is street photography, taken in the public space. This may be streets, squares, buses, trams, pubs, libraries etc. The pictures may not have been arranged and should not be of people you know. They must have been taken by yourself and there must be human presence in them. There is no limit as to when the pictures have been taken.

Domare: Polly Rusyn
Deadline: 14 August 2022

Competition entries must have been received no later than Monday 14 August.
All nominated photos will be exhibited during the Gothenburg Street Photo Festival September 2-3 2022.

Polly Rusyn
Polly Rusyn is an award-winning street photographer whose work has been published and exhibited internationally. She is also a street photography teacher and speaker, and created the Department of Street Photography to focus on providing street photography education that includes portfolio reviews as well as workshops and digital resources. She is best known for her bold colour work, and believes photographs that are in colour should also be “about” colour — in that colour is another subject. Polly’s former careers include being a graphic designer and a travel industry professional, and she continues to enjoy both design as well as travel — especially with a camera in a sunny European city! Polly has previously been a judge at LSPF (London Street Photography Festival).


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