My drive is to dare more

Interview with Anna Lithander

My drive is to dare more

Words by: Mats Alfredsson | Photography: Anna Lithander

Anna, who are you?
I am a restless globetrotter, temporarily halted by the pandemic. I love new exciting places and the people in them.

How and why did you start with street photography?

My first encounter with street photography was at an exhibition in Borås by Mats Alfredsson and the international street collective which he is a member of. Before that I had never heard of this genre. I was fascinated by what I saw – snippets of life from different parts of the world. Color, chaos, people, seriousness, joy. At that time I wasn’t thinking of doing street photography myself, but it was lodged somewhere in the back of my head.

Shortly afterwards I went on a solo backpacking trip to South East Asia. I noticed that I wasn’t only thinking about the usual tourist captures, but also about the people in their daily life. Since then I have tried to evolve and get better within street photography.

Why do you photograph?
Because it is fun, challenging and creative.

What is your biggest drive?
To improve, to be braver, to create my own photographic language. And to one day take The Picture.

What is your biggest challenge?
To raise the camera in front of people without thinking too much.

Which is your best photography memory?
I think it is from Bristol. It was at night. I was walking on Gloucester Road when I passed a restaurant. In a window sat a woman, reading a book and eating noodles. As I passed by her I was wishing I had taken the picture. Then I thought to myself – do it, walk back and take the picture. And so I did! She never saw me, and I got high on adrenaline – I had dared to go back and take the picture!

How would you describe your photography style?
My pictures usually only have one or a few people in them, in a specific situation. My wish is that they will raise a question, what is happening, what is the story?

Which equipment do you prefer?
My Fuji xt3 together with my 16mm Fuji lens is my preferred combination.

Do you have a favorite city and why?
Two of my favorite cities are London and Lisbon. London because of the diversity, the street art and the constant flow of people. Lisbon because of the amazing atmosphere, the light, the people and, there as well, the street art.

What are your hopes for the rest of the year?
That travel will be possible again – my first trips will be to London and Lisbon!

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