How to enter the contest, step by step.

  • 1 Choose which category you wish to enter.
  • 2 Mark your pictures according to instructions, upload your images and create your personal GSPF account.
  • 3 Choose your payment option, Swish, Bank transfer or Paypal, and complete your payment.

How to pay for your entries

When you have chosen which category/categories you want to enter and with how many pictures, calculate the sum and make your payment. Outside of Sweden the easiest way is to use your PayPal account. You can use Swish (see QR code or phone number only if you have a Swedish phone number), Paypal,
bank transfer, or for international payments IBAN. Put your name in the message field so that we can easily match the payment with your pictures.

You will receive a confirmation of entry.

Please note that if you forget to pay or pay too little, your entry will be cancelled.

How to pay for your entries


Use your PayPal account and send your payment to:


Swish number: 1233987278

Bankgiro: 5656-3208

IBAN: SE0960000000000592072568


Clearing code: 6651


One picture - SEK 50

Three pictures - SEK 140

Six pictures - SEK 250

Collection - SEK 250

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