Street photography gives me energy

Interview with Eva Boije af Gennäs

Street photography gives me energy

Words by: Mats Alfredsson | Photography: Eva Boije af Gennäs

Who are you Eva?
My name is Eva Boije af Gennäs and I am a hairdresser, born and raised in Gothenburg, now living in the inner city.

How and why did you start with street photography?
I have really gone through life taking pictures. Regardless if I’ve been at family reunions or paddling a canoe down the Yukon River in Canada, the camera has always been with me. People were often the center of my pictures. Ten years ago my life did a turn around and I found myself with lots more of time to myself. I came in contact with street photography through friends and clients who were involved with it. During this time I took a lot of pictures, both with my mobile phone and with a small camera. Sometimes I would jump off the tram or bus because I saw someone interesting.
Through Instagram and the Facebook page Gatufoto Göteborg (Street photo Gothenburg) I would get good and fast feedback on my pictures. Later I would get to know people in these groups, lovely people who encouraged me to take the step and do this more seriously. I bought better equipment and started joining photo walks and trips abroad. Today street photography has become a lifestyle, and last year I even got the courage to have my own exhibits.

Why do you photograph?
It is fun and it gives me energy. To have both a profession and an interest where you meet a lot of people gives so much back to you.

What is your biggest drive?
To learn more and to evolve. But it is also a way to see the world, it looks different when you are searching for motives and have your hunter’s eyes turned on. A moment that you passed by will seldom come back.

Your biggest challenge?
To dare stand up for what I do, and to continue believing in my ability to improve. I take courses and for example took one in how to print my own pictures. Technology is not easy but you get a lot of help and support from others.

Which is your best photography memory?
There are of course many, but I remember especially one occasion in the Old Town in Stockholm. Everything was perfect – the light, the company, the mood – yes everything. All of a sudden this middle aged couple popped up with clothes sprung out of the fifties. I got my picture and immediately felt that this was going to be my thing, and that this picture I would have on the wall at home.

How would you describe your style?
I like when there is a sense of humor or a double meaning in a picture, something that you need to look a little longer to understand. My pictures are most often in color. Otherwise I can’t really say that I have a special style.

Which is your preferred equipment?
A skipper’s hat and a 35mm lens on my Fuji.

Do you have a favorite city and why?
Madrid, a city that gives you energy. You are nicely treated in a beautiful environment, and the best thing is that the nightlife only starts after nine at night.

What are your hopes for the rest of the year?
That we won’t have to practice social distancing anymore and that the street photo festival becomes a success!

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